This is the personal blog for Dane Stuckey. I mainly write these posts for self-documentation or thinking out loud, but I hope you may also find them useful.

I'm an information security generalist passionate about detection engineering, incident response, security program development, and Windows platform security.

For my day job, I currently serve as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Palantir Technologies. Prior to my current role, I have worked at a variety of organizations in the Commercial, Government, and Intelligence Community sectors.

Outside of Palantir, I am fortunate enough to serve as an external information security advisor for a handful of tech companies throughout the US, participate in the CNBC Technology Executive Council, and serve on the board of directors for the Vendor Security Alliance.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter.

Obligatory disclaimer: It goes without saying, but all content on this site are my own personal views and opinions. No content posted on this site represent the views, attitudes, or experiences of any employer, past or present.